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Irene Abdou will be traveling to Burkina Faso, West Africa in November 2010 for  1 month.  One of the projects Irene will be working on during her November 2010 trip is to document the "Doohi" of Burkina Faso.  Doohi is a form of Fulani music/song that includes repeated background chants/vocalizations and originates from a specific area of Burkina. It is traditionally performed at night by children and young adults around campfires in the bush, but with the relentless onset of modernity, it is sadly practiced less and less. There is very little existing documentation of doohi. This is why Irene believes it is so important to document this significant cultural heritage while it is still practiced as a regular form of community entertainment.  This project can also serve as a foundation for future projects on how Fulani musical forms have evolved after thousands of years of these nomadic pastoralists crisscrossing the Sahel and the Sahara - the Fulani living in different countries across West Africa have developed distinct forms of music specific to their geographic areas.<br />
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Note: The image shown here is "Wrapped in Blue" from Irene's 2007 trip to Burkina Faso.